How To Succeed In the Modeling World


Many men and women dream of leading a glamorous life. Modeling is one of the options for those who want to go through this path. However, modeling is a tough career that only the beautiful, brave and willing can last. If you want to pursue a modeling career, here are some things that could help you break into the industry.

Figure it out: Know your looks and body type

Agencies and brands are looking for the perfect face and body. However, “perfect” in this case doesn’t mean having just one type of look or figure. Just like fashion trends, the popular looks for models also change. Agencies could be looking for a masculine-looking female one day and then switch back to looking for models with a fairy-like appeal. Modeling is a tough career in this sense because the famous looks are always unpredictable. But if you feel that modeling really is your life’s calling, then you should be confident in the way your face and body looks.

Do you have a curvy body? Are you 5’8 and above? Do you have high cheekbones? Are you proud of your bushy brows? Physical characteristics like these needs to be taken into account so that you’d know what kind of modeling job you can have. For example, if you’re not on the curvy side, perhaps you can be a high fashion or catwalk model. If you’re below 5’8 but have the looks that can make it into magazines and billboards, perhaps you’re more suitable as a print model. Or if you’re more than a size 6 but have killer looks and you know how to work the runway, perhaps you can try out being a plus-sized model. Whichever market or job you choose, it is important that you know how well you look. Working your looks will land you jobs whichever size you may be.

Market Study: Know the crowd that you want to model for

Modeling is a tough career if you don’t know where you want to go in the business. However, if you have goals as you pursue the fabulous path, you will book a great job sooner or later. One of these goals is to know which job and which crowd you want to model for. If you’ve always dreamed about seeing yourself in a TV commercial, feel free to audition for these. If you’ve always wanted to be seen in a teen magazine, perhaps you can build your portfolio as a teen model. Or if you aspire to see yourself in online catalogues, you can also start looking for jobs as a print model.

Whether you’d like to model for clothing brands or other products like food, you have to know what you want to be known for. Would like to be known as the guy or girl in the burger commercial or do you want to be the face of an international clothing brand. Decide as early as know where you want to be in your modeling career and try to find jobs related to that so that you can build your portfolio.

Strut your stuff: Enhance your modeling skills

Models don’t just stand there and be pretty. The successful ones also know what happens behind the scenes. Some models have also pursued photography or studied how to be a makeup artist so that they can improve their looks once they are in front of the cameras. The really famous supermodels have also ventured into fashion designing and this is because they have so much know-how when it comes to looks and trends that can become profitable.

But while you’re still in the early stages of your career, focusing on enhancing your skills will prove to be very useful in the long run. If you’ve seen episodes of modeling reality shows on TV, you’ll see that trainings are indeed very important. Knowing how to carry yourself well in a catwalk, in front of a camera for photo or video will contribute to success. Going through personality development and other kinds of modeling workshops will help you be more confident when going to go-sees or even after you’ve booked the job. Modeling is a tough career and those who want to succeed need to have a set of skills that will set them apart from their colleagues. Flexibility is also an important skill to be considered in modeling Famous supermodels can become high-fashion one day and then street chic on the next. They can also look great in whatever look they’re promoting. If you want to become a model, see how you can work the camera pointing at you or the clothes that you’re wearing.

Show it off: Build your resume

Let’s admit it: modeling jobs are hard to come by. When an opportunity for a modeling job comes, make sure that you have pictures or video to prove that you took part in it. When you build your model resume, be sure that you have the dates, the job description as well as some sample photos or videos so that those who are not yet familiar with your work can get oriented with it. When you build your model resume, also include your measurements such as height, weight, vital statistics, dress size and shoe size. Don’t forget to include a profile shot and a full body shot so that agencies will have you on their file. As you work in the modeling world, it is important that you take note of all the jobs you take. Strive also to do your best whether it’s a simple or a high-profile job.

Modeling can be a pretty tough career with thousands of other men and women wanting to be recognized. It would be helpful if you get an agency that will help you book jobs and represent you all over the world. For starters, even if you’re still a rookie, it would be best t put your best foot forward. Who knows, the world could be watching you anytime soon.